Hunting with LTMH

 We meet for cubbing in the mornings on Wednesdays and Saturdays starting in August. Cubbing is an informal month of hunting in casual riding gear to get our horses and hounds in shape for the season, Our formal hunting season commences September 1st in proper hunting attire. Cubbings and Hunts are followed by a hunt "breakfast" usually provided by one of the members. We have hunt horses for hire or you may bring your own. We have two fields ( group of riders ) going out at each hunt. The first field stays closer to the huntsman and hounds and the second field follows at a more relaxed pace. We usually ride until the snow falls in December. In September the hunt holds it’s annual Hunter Trials horse show at Forever Green Stables in Glen Robertson, Ont. The event is fun for all ages and riding levels and includes various classes, a picnic and hat contest and the parade of hounds by our Huntsman, Frank Seguin.. Don’t miss this wonderful event!

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