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The Lake of two Mountains Hunt was founded in 1946 in the county of Vaudreuil with an emphasis on maintaining and preserving land. The hunting territory now covers 180 square miles extending into eastern Ontario. During our fall season, we meet twice a week and follow the hounds  through open fields, woodlands and rivers. There are optional coops, ditches, and post and rails for the jumping enthusiast. 

The LTMH and the kennels are located at Forever Green Stables in Glen Robertson, Ontario, approximately 25 minutes from Hudson. We follow 13 couples of Penn-marydale hounds named for the three states from where they were originally bred. During hunts, the hounds track scents and provide us with exciting, fun and safe riding through picturesque landscapes. If you have ever been interested in fox hunting in breathtaking countryside, please join us for a free trial.

Each season brings different events and destination rides with other hunts. We often have joint meets in Lachute, Bromont, Dunham, Beaver Meadows, Ontario and Virginia. Wine and Riding tours in Southern Ontario, hound shows in London, Ontario, Virginia and the Annual foray to NYC to attend the Masters Ball and learn about ways to maintain lands and improve our hunts. Many fond memories, great riding tales and life long friendships are formed. 

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